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Mythical Ireland

Website | Blog | Gallery | Shop



Website | Blog | Gallery | eCommerce Shop


Anthony Murphy | Founder of Mythical Ireland


Bootstrap 3 (HTML5, CSS3 & JS), PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Stripe API, Facebook API


Mythical Ireland's website had been running since the pre-broadband age and was in need of a major overhaul. In addition to bringing the site into a new era, Anthony wanted to develop an online shop where his supporters could purchase prints of his fantastic photographs.


Anthony is an author, journalist and photographer by profession and we concentrated a lot on the blog system as this is the focus of the Mythical Ireland website. He is a prolific blogger and the layout of the blog is designed to encourage readers to explore one post after another, rather than simply reading one and leaving the site. Each blog blurb has a striking image with a strong font for the title carefully selected from the Google Fonts collection. From the main navigation you are given access to all the posts and once you have selected one, you can read through and at the end you are encouraged to view associated posts from the same category or to browse another section.


Another nice touch is the fact that each time you load a page a new random banner image is displayed at the top. This is to allow a visitor to see a wide selection of Anthony's photographs with the hope that they will be enocouraged to look through the extensive galley and of course be persuaded to buy a print or one of Anthony's books.