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From ironing board to a real desk...

The story of inkerman technologies growth

Truth is we started in the freezing cold of an old Georgian Townhouse working on a broken javascript loan calculator that refused to work on a Joomla website built for a Credit Union. The Credit Union was not going to pay cash-in-hand for fixing the calculator so we decided there and then to setup a company.

The room we were sitting in at that moment was originally a dining room belonging to the Old Duke of Cambridge (1819 - 1904). The Duke had fought in the Crimean War (1853 - 1856) and one of the major battles occurred at Inkerman (1854), a small city in the Crimean Peninsula. We guessed that there would be very few Irish companies with that name in the CRO database and so we went for Inkerman Technologies on 23rd June 2013.

We were twoish and a bit (Ed was there, but had a real job!) and I was also working. For 4 years Róisín and I worked at night slowly increasing our client base and we moved up to Drogheda. We were certain that would destroy our business as I assumed the market in Drogheda was already sown up by others.

To our great surprise the business grew and we got some amazing gigs like Listoke Distillery & Gin School, Drogheda Life, Fitz Scientific, Edel Tuite Bridal Design, The Financial Foundation, Onelife Insure. The list goes on and on. The list got too big for us and I decided it was time to move away from the day job and setup a proper office. My great friend and former work-colleague, Siobhán Burke, organised an office for us to share in 30 Laurence Street in the heart of Drogheda.

Siobhán setup Burke’s Keeping while I decided to plunge into the world of limited liability. Róisín and I persuaded her recently unemployed (the best thing that ever happened) software engineer brother Brendan to join us in the venture and on 6th January 2018 Ltd. was added the company name.

Meanwhile I discovered a pot of gold in the form on the internship programme at DKIT and three young people squashed into the small office along with me and my poor old Sony netbook.

Then came Ankush, a calm software engineer, who arrived after a conversation I had with a local car repair shop owner, who told me he knew a coder. I am always skeptical and asked the man to send Ankush down to the office. Another great decision (not sure if it is equal or better to Brendan losing his job) and Inkerman Tech grew a little more.

Now we are occupying the entire third floor of 30 Laurence Street and clients are diligently climbing the eight flights of stairs and wearing out our lovely new carpet every day. We have added three more techs / developers to our ranks, Lauren, Tadas and Danny.

All these people allow us to offer services and products from branding to looking after your server. Facebook and Google need to be ready, the cat is getting ideas and the ironing board has been replaced with three long desks and lots of talent is now sitting at those desks churning out thousands of lines on code. We are coding the web.